Corporate Coaching

Your People
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Areas of Practice

professional development & leadership coaching

Interested in giving your rising stars a clearer vision of their path within the organization and what they need to do to be successful? Perhaps you're trying to support an individual who has recently transitioned to a new role and has come up against a few stumbling blocks. Either way, coaching is a powerful tool to maximize employee engagement and commitment while creating new paths to success.

In a coaching relationship, your employee will experience increased awareness and assume greater responsibility for her professional development. With Marjie's support, she will identify goals (short and longer-term), challenges and obstacles, and she will develop a clear strategy for how to navigate with impact from Point A to Point B to Point R and beyond.

With senior management’s input (e.g. performance reviews, development plans, personal insights, etc.), a coaching relationship is founded based on a clear understanding of the organization’s goals and vision for an individual’s opportunities.

A typical 3-6 month coaching engagement includes biweekly coaching sessions and monthly, coachee-created progress reports to senior management on the impact of the coaching relationship.

executive PRESENCE trainING

Help your team shine in every conversation. Focusing on the fundamental skills that guide all great speakers, this training will equip your employees to communicate with confidence, clarity and conviction.  

For many people, nothing is more frightening than public speaking. This training will address that fear. But what about the dozens of other conversations you have on a daily basis (calls, team meetings, one-on-one conversations, networking meet-ups, etc.)? Are your team members being perceived as interesting, energetic and on top of their game in these infinite interactions? This training teaches you how to master every type of conversation.

Specifically, this training gives you the tools to:

  • Let your body language help, not hinder you
  • Manage your pace, tone and timing 
  • Strengthen your delivery by eliminating crutch words 

This program, delivered one-on-one or to groups of up to 8 people, will take your speaking abilities to the next level, no matter your starting point.