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Professional growth & transitions Coaching

If you know you could be living a fuller, easier, happier life but you don’t know how to get there, you need a coach. That's where Marjie can help.

In a coaching relationship, Marjie will help you identify and engage your core values to live your personal and professional life in the fullest, most satisfying way.

Marjie's primary focus is helping people in professional transition, but she is passionate about working with people who feel stuck and want support to create change in other areas of their life, too (e.g. health and wellness, relationships, recreation).

Is it therapy? No. Is it therapeutic? Definitely!

In the coaching relationship, Marjie will support you as you unlock ideas, clarify, rearrange, plan, revise, and basically do whatever combination of things is necessary to help you figure out how to create and sustain the future you want.

Contact Marjie to learn more about her coaching practice or to set up an initial exploratory coaching conversation. 




Do you bring your best self to every conversation? Whether you’re speaking with one person, running a meeting of ten, or addressing a crowd of a hundred, do you feel comfortable and instill confidence in your listener? 

For many people, nothing is more frightening than public speaking. Marjie can help you with that. But what about all those other hundreds of conversations you have on a daily basis? Are your ideas coming across with energy and conviction? Marjie can help strengthen your impact in those infinite interactions, too.

Marjie loves partnering with people to help them make their greatest impact. In a short time, she can help you look better and sound better in every conversation you have. 

Specifically, you’ll learn how to:

  • Let your body language help, not hinder you
  • Manage your pace, tone and timing
  • Strengthen your delivery by eliminating crutch words 

With an emphasis on engaging an audience and delivering a message with confidence, clarity and conviction, Marjie will help you advance to the next level as a speaker, formally and informally, no matter your starting point. There's no time like the present to become the powerful communicator you've always wanted to be! Contact Marjie to get started.