They Said It.
Not Me.

From my remarkable clients...

I have worked with Marjie for the past several months and look forward to every point of contact with her. She is an incredibly energetic and positive force in my life. She combines the cognitive behavioral understanding of a social worker with the concreteness of a coach so that each time I meet with her I feel I have not only been productive (thinking through next steps, etc.) but also now understand something crucial about my own psychology. She has worked to keep me on track as I pursue a project that I have not been able to move forward in the past. By acting as my cheerleader but also asking me tough questions, she has gently but clearly pointed out things I do to hold myself back. We all have those behaviors but not all of us have Marjie to help reveal them to us. Working with her has been incredibly enlightening - so much so that I will now take away far more than help on this one project. Instead, I will carry with me new understandings and new behaviors that will last a lifetime.
— Jackie Delamatre, Museum Educator
I can’t speak highly enough of my work with Marjie Terry over the past 6 months. In my search to create more balance and segue into the next phase of my work life, working with Marjie has been a source of clarity, intellectual growth and burgenoning excitement for the possibilities. Where previously I saw challenges, Marjie helped me see opportunities. Through creative problem solving, in-depth questioning and her tremendous capacity for insight, Marjie is an invaluable resource. For those looking to expand their work opportunities, understand their capacity and find their true potential, I highly recommend speaking with Marjie and learning more about the life coaching process.
— Alison Ullrich, Educator & School Admissions Specialist
Marjie was able to uncover my blind spots and turn them into empowering assets. She’s an alchemist and I’m forever grateful.
— Eric Brown, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder, Great on the Job
Marjie and I began working together when I was in month three of a job hunt. The search was taking a toll on my confidence, and I became increasingly more unsure of what my next steps should be. Marjie helped me define my career goals by working with me to determine both my personal life goals and my core values, which was tremendously valuable in regaining clarity in my job search. I walked away with not only my confidence back, but also an action plan for the next three months! Marjie is a wonderful coach and I hope to work with her again.
— Zayba Abdula, Consulant
Working with Marjie has been a game changer for me. As an editor and copywriter in the beauty and fashion industries, my work has generally been more behind-the-scenes. But in recent months, I’ve had to take on a more robust role in client presentations, at which point I was introduced to Marjie. In a just a short amount of time, her coaching improved my speaking and presentation skills with easy to implement techniques and tactics. I would absolutely love to work with her again!
— Julie Chen, Editor & Copywriter
I was confused and clouded, but Marjie set me on the path to clarity!
— Nicol Bell, Director, financial services firm
I strongly recommend using Marjie Terry as a life coach. When I first began my sessions with Marjie, I was in a place of significant transition. I was not very happy at the company where I was working, and I was nine months pregnant with our first child. I knew that I was looking for something different in my life, but I did not have a clear vision for my future...
— S.E.W.